Bar40 Bitters - Tools for better cocktails
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For Better 



Because other bitters don’t effect change of the five basic taste perceptions. We needed something that can actually make a change in the balance of flavours, to make a drink more desireable and improve the cocktail drinking experience. So we did just that.



Bar40 Bitters is an extremely unique product that doesn’t do what other bitters do. Bar40 bitters are for affecting change in a cocktail, not adding spice or traditional ingredients.



For Better



Bar40 bitters is designed by flavourists, for flavourists. We don’t like following traditional recipes, we create our own. Simple to use, easy to learn, any home bartender can use this same principal just as the worlds best bartenders do.



Bar40 bitters design is based on how we taste. They are a set of tools to balance the flavours in your cocktail and add wonderful balance to your drinking experience.

Make fantastic cocktails and be the better home bartender.

Our intention is to provide complimentary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavours.

Read about what people are saying about our bitters through their articles.

Full gift sets are available for purchase through our online store.

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 Cocktail philosophy: Why add just "spice" to your cocktail? Why not change the whole flavour profile? Anyone can throw cloves in their drink. Anyone can mask their Best spirits with other ingredients... Things to think about with your next pre-batch #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailporn #cocktails  Our friends over @medora_muskoka Cuisine created a cocktail menu based on Bar40 cocktails. I highly suggest you go to this restaurant ASAP to try these out. Tell them Jamie sent you. #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailsanddreams #bitters  Look at these beauties! Hawking Bar40 bitters with @muybuenocooking #bar40bitters #talesofthecocktail #cocktails #cocktaildress #cocktailbitters
 The things I do to make Bar40 bitters look pretty... Retail stores, if you're not carrying Bar40 yet, just email me for a sample. #bar40 #bar40bitters #retailtherapy #cocktailbitters  Repost of the "summer fling" designed by @medora_muskoka using Bar40 bitters Sweet. If you're going up to muskoka lakes this weekend, be sure to stop by this awesome restaurant. Tell them you want this awesome cocktail because you saw this post. #cocktailsanddreams #cocktails #bitters #bar40bitters  Bar40 almost sold out at the Octavia popup shop in Hotel Monteleone. Get yours Now! #bar40bitters #talesofthecocktail #octaviabooks #cocktails #cocktailsanddreams #cocktailbitters
 The cat is out of the bag, James on our team is getting fresh with Bar40 food recipes. the next few Wednesdays I will post a different recipe involving how Bar40 bitters enhances a dish. #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailbitters #foodporn Photo cred @dj_pcpete, awesome shots, keep them coming!  Latest batch of Bar40 at BYOB @cocktailemporium , get yours for the weekend NOW and make awesome cocktails. #bar40bitters #byob #cocktailparty #cocktailbitters #bitters  It's finally coming together. I almost pulled my beautiful hair out trying to put this batch together. Check out the New and improved Bar40 Bitters. We're Starting to take pre-orders for retailers, existing customers get first dibs. If you want to order them before we run out, contact: #bar40bitters #bitters #cocktailsanddreams #cocktails #cocktailbitters

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