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For Better 



Because other bitters don’t effect change of the five basic taste perceptions. The problem arose when we needed something to actually change the flavour of the drink instead of just adding a mix of spices. We needed something that could actually effect the flavour balance of the cocktail, to make it more desireable and improve the cocktail drinking experience.



Bar40 Bitters is an extremely unique product that doesn’t do what other bitters do. Bar40 bitters is a set of tools for affecting change in a cocktail, not adding “spice” or a collection of highlighted ingredients or ancient medicinal recipes. There is purpose behind its design and use.



For Better



Bar40 bitters is designed by flavourists, for flavourists. We don’t like following traditional recipes or being told “that’s not how it should be”, we create our own recipes, we created our experience. This system may seem daunting, or only for world class professionals, but really it is simple to use, easy to learn, and any home bartender can use this same principal just as the worlds best bartenders do.



Bar40 bitters design is based on how we taste. The five major taste perceptions: Sweet, Sour, Salt, Umami & Bitter. The point is to use Bar40 as a set of tools to balance these flavours in your cocktail and add wonderful desirability to your drinking experience.

Make fantastic cocktails and be the better home bartender.

Our intention is to provide complimentary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavours.

Read about what people are saying about our bitters through their articles.

Full gift sets are available for purchase through our online store.

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 Are you a COCKTAIL NERD? the type of person that have all the best spirits, all the professional bar tools, all the latest gizmos or even call a hatchet a bar tool? Well guess what... I just described myself... And you're probably very similar to me in this cocktail nerd regard. Bar40 is Designed FOR cocktail nerds! If you're a cocktail nerd and don't have Bar40 yet, you're missing out! Go to your barware store and get it, and if they don't have it, tell them to get it now if they want to be cool. #Bar40 #bar40bitters #bartender #cocktails #cocktailbitters #cocktailsanddreams #ice  Don't work too hard this labour day. Design your own cocktail and fine tune it with Bar40 bitters. #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailparty #cocktailsanddreams #cocktailbitters #bitters #yyz  The things I do to make Bar40 bitters look pretty... Retail stores, if you're not carrying Bar40 yet, just email me for a sample. #bar40 #bar40bitters #retailtherapy #cocktailbitters
 We need you to be a better bartender. Use Bar40 Bitters to bring out the pleasurable nuances of your cocktail or else Bigfoot will come after you with hatchets... #bar40bitters #Bar40 #cocktailbitters #cocktails #hatchets  Le Coeur Gelé; One of my favourite cocktails for really hitting the multimodal drinking experience right on the head. How else can you play with your cocktail? Most other "aromatic" bitters are based on spices. Step out of your comfort zone with Bar40 and take your drinking experience to new levels. For instance, this cocktail requires atomized Bar40 Sweet to really give it a beautiful nose with huge notes of caramel, maple syrup & vanilla. A significant difference from your standard barkeeps Ango or Absinthe wash. Give it a shot #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktails #cocktailparty #cocktailsanddreams #mixology #bartending #crystalheadvodka #foodscience  The cat is out of the bag, James on our team is getting fresh with Bar40 food recipes. the next few Wednesdays I will post a different recipe involving how Bar40 bitters enhances a dish. #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailbitters #foodporn Photo cred @dj_pcpete, awesome shots, keep them coming!
 Check out the awesome review of Bar40 by @whiskeywrites. In a cocktail world full of traditionalists, I get stoked when I see cocktail makers and writers truly understanding our progressive concept. If you don't know, bookmark/rss it right now! #whiskeywrites #Bar40 #bar40bitters #cocktails #cocktailbitters  Cocktail philosophy: Why add just "spice" to your cocktail? Why not change the whole flavour profile? Anyone can throw cloves in their drink. Anyone can mask their Best spirits with crazy ingredients. Complexity is great, but easily overdone and not always necessary ... Things to think about with your next pre-batch #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailporn #cocktails #mixology #bartending #homebar  Our friends over @medora_muskoka Cuisine created a cocktail menu based on Bar40 cocktails. I highly suggest you go to this restaurant ASAP to try these out. Tell them Jamie sent you. #bar40bitters #bar40 #cocktailsanddreams #bitters

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