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For Better 



Because other bitters don’t effect change of the five basic taste perceptions. The problem arose when we needed something to actually change the flavour of the drink instead of adding a mix of spices or some orange flavour. We needed something more advanced, more purposeful, something that could affect the balance of the five basic tastes for the cocktail. We wanted to make our cocktails more desireable and improve the cocktail drinking experience.



Bar40 Bitters is an extremely unique product that doesn’t do what other bitters do. Bar40 bitters are a collection of flavour extracts that serve as a set of tools for affecting change in a cocktail. This is opposed to the current standard of ancient medicinal recipes, a collection of spices or a highlighted ingredient. Bar40 bitters omits traditions and takes the use of bitters one step further.



For Better



Bar40 bitters is designed by flavourists, for flavourists. We don’t like following traditional recipes or being told “that’s not how it should be”, we create our own recipes, we created our experience. This system may seem daunting, or only for world class professionals, but really it is simple to use, easy to learn, and any home bartender can use this same principal just as the worlds best bartenders do.



Bar40 bitters design is based on how we taste. The five major taste perceptions: Sweet, Sour, Salt, Umami & Bitter. The point is to use Bar40 as a set of tools to balance these flavours in your cocktail and add wonderful desirability to your drinking experience.

Make fantastic cocktails and be the better home bartender.

Our intention is to provide complimentary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavours.

Read about what people are saying about our bitters through their articles.

Full gift sets are available for purchase through our online store.

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 This is what cocktail design looks like @atlasespressobar #bar40bitters #wildturkey  Date night with my bestie  Ben watching James work his ass off at the gourmet food and wine expo #gfwe #Bar40 #bar40bitters #cocktails #bitters @benzweigmusic
 WIN: enter our contest with magazine. You can win a $50 exclusive set of Bar40 bitters not sold in stores and $50 at BYOB to improve your home bar! #bar40bitters #cocktailemporium @foodismto @cocktailemporium @bar40bitters  Met up with the @bar40bitters guys at the Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine show yesterday and Jamie blessed me with another set of his bitters. Montreal bartenders, I'll be bringing these around for you to play with soon. Cheers and thanks so much! ••• #mixology #mixologist #cocktail #cocktails #bitters #amers #whiskey #bourbon #gin #vodka #rum #tequila #bar40bitters #toronto #whiskeywrites  Bar40 Bitters | Le Coeur Gelé | Toronto, Ontario | @Bar40Bitters #bar40bitters | Gourmet Food and Wine Recommendations below. First time hearing about this cocktail. It's a mix of grapefruit, vodka and sprayed with bar40 bitters. It was delicious and refreshing. Must try free tasting at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (@gourmetfoodandwine) Tips and Recommendations: I mostly did the freebies. Definitely do the cheese tasting seminar hosted by @100CanadianMilk! Fromagerie du Presbytère (by cheese seminar area) has free samples of award winning high-end cheeses and Fromagerie Du Village (beside efresh meals) has great cheese sampling as well. @Bar40Bitters offers some great cocktails. @PestacioOrganic has matcha green tea coated almonds which were so good. Fresh Filled Cannolis at @HolyCannoliTO is amazing (see recent post)! ChocoMe had great chocolates, particularly try the chocolate-coated almond with wafer crust. Ferrero Rocher is handing out free chocolates and they have a beautiful Ferrero Dining Room setup. Thanks to @gastropost for the VIP Preview Night tickets! _____ My Travel and Nature IG: @TravellingFoodieExplores My Food and Drinks IG: @TravellinFoodie #TravellingFoodieEatsAndDrinks #TravellingFoodieDoesToronto #gfwe
 Remember that time when we were serving cocktails at a show and this girl took my bitters and sprayed it right on her tongue? Well, here she is folks... @melissacoutts #bar40bitters #bitters #onthetongue  A repost from @omgchampagne of the Bar40 Team in action at the #gfwe15. We repeatedly get feedback from people saying we serve the best cocktails at the entire show. If you're not coming to our booth, you suck... #bar40bitters #bar40 #bitters #cocktails #cocktailsanddreams  #bar40bitters #gastropost #toronto #gfwe15 @bar40bitters

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